Drinks and Recipes

I invite to browse the selection of recipes of different countries from the world elaborated for you.

We have compiled a great amount of recipes of the international kitchen, the special American gastronomy and the Eastern kitchen. We have put special attention in collecting recipes that help one heals nutrition.

We soon hope to develop a section of vegetarian and naturist kitchen. Soon we will have also sections of nutrition and characteristics of foods.

And for that they wish to lose weight we will have sections that help them with information on different types of diets to lose weight.

Remembers ever the feeding is one of the most important aspects of our life, we are and we are constituted for we eat and for that reason it is necessary to pay much attention to our feeding. A suitable nutrition allows us to enjoy and to live healthier and happy.

It is convenientto try and to experiment with criterion in search of the most perfect combinations considering our needs according to sex, the age and the time of the year.

Outstanding Recipes

Salmon Cebiche
Delicious salmon cebiche style.

Pasta with Bolonese Sauce
For pasta dishes based on tomato sauce, we preferably choose fresh red wines.

Orange-Marinated Cherimoya
This fruit is sweet, juicy, ripe, and aromatic, along with the freshness contributed by the orange juice is amazing dessert.