Baked Empanadas

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Ingredients 20 empanadas

For the beef filling

For the dough

For the filling


1 The beef filling: Fry the beef and onions in lard for 5 minutes. Add seasoning ingredients, let cool and refrigerate.

2 The dough: Prepare a brine with 1 pint hot water, mix all the ingredients well and knead well. Divide into small balls and roll out on a floured surface to 1/12inch thick. Cut into 6-inch rounds.

3 In the center of each round, place 2 tablespoons of beef filling, 1 olive, 2 raisins, and a piece of hard-boiled egg. Moisten the edges with warm water and fold in half. Press the edges together so that the dough thins. Bake in a pre-heated medium oven for 15 minutes.

Wine Pairing

Advice of Wine to combine

Suggest from Sommelier

The doughy trust is soft and pliable, but firm enough to handle the juicy meat filling and its mix of flavors that are both salty and sweet. The sweetness comes from the onions and raisins. It all combines very well with a varietal Carménére from Colchagua, where we recreate the sweet flavors of the dish. It would also work well with a vigorous and fruity young Cabernet

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